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Caring for Marble

Marble is porous. Know your marble!

Though gorgeous and a historically popular stone type, marble etches and stains relatively easily. Discuss the level of polish you need (the shine), and the application of sealant with our staff so you will be matched with the stone that fits your building project application, and maintains the longest possible "like new" appearance.

It is very important to clean Marble regularly; water alone is not usually sufficient enough. Marble is very sensitive to chemicals and only ph neutral cleaners should be used on polished surfaces. Ph neutral cleaners are ideal for the maintenance of the stone. If the stone is sealed and maintained there may be no need to use any other type of cleaner.

If the stone is used outdoors it should have a honed or textured finish, since a polished finish will not withstand weathering. Marble used outdoors may need to be cleaned occasionally with an alkaline cleaner be remove heavy soil build ups. This will not harm the stone or sealer if it is diluted correctly. Acidic cleaners should NEVER be used on Marble unless you are attempting to create a particular finish such as: a non-slip finish or a desired look.

Marble is a truly unique material that has been used in the building industry throughout history. Every tile is unique and through different fabrication methods there are a wide variety of finishes. If the surface of a marble installation has become scratched or stained, one can grind it to have a new surface (many times!) to achieve a new or different finish.

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